lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009

cambios desde lrb5+ a lrb6

como el otro dia lo preguntásteis, aquí os lo pongo, no es mucha cosa:

"The changes you need to make to get LRB 5.0+ to LRB 6.0 is:

1) Flesh Golems on Necro back to LRB 5.0 110k
2) Master Chef for Flings back to LRB 5.0 100k
3) Deeproot to 300k
4) Morg to return to LRB 5.0 430k
5) Glart to 210k
6) Fezglitch to 100k
7) Eldril to 200k
8 - Zzharg to 90k
9) Dolfar to 150k
10) Crazy Igor to 120k
11) Bertha Bigfist to 290k
12) Pass Block:
A player with this skill is allowed to move up to three squares when the opposing coach announces that one of his players is going to pass the ball (but not a bomb). The opposing coach may not change his mind about passing once Pass Block's use is declared. The move is made out of sequence, after the range has been measured, but before any interception attempts have been made. A player may not make the move unless able to reach a legal destination and may not follow a route that would not allow them to reach a legal destination. A legal destination puts the player in a position to attempt an interception, an empty square that is the target of the pass, or with his tackle zone on the thrower or catcher. The player may not stop moving until he has reached a legal destination, has been held fast by Tentacles or has been Knocked Down. The special move is free, and in no way affects the player’s ability to move in a subsequent action. The move is made using all of the normal rules and skills and the player does have to dodge in order to leave opposing players’ tackle zones. Players with Pass Block may use this skill against a Dump Off pass. If a player performing a Pass Block in their own turn is Knocked Down then this is a turnover, no other players may perform Pass Block moves, and your turn ends as soon as the results of the pass and the block are resolved.
13 - Special Play Card clarification: Once you have randomly drawn a card you may conceal the result until played but you may not exchange or trade it in for another card.
14 - Revised Riot wording:
Riot: The trash talk between two opposing players explodes and rapidly degenerates, involving the rest of the players. If the receiving team’s turn marker is on turn 7 for the half, both teams move their turn marker back one space as the referee resets the clock back to before the fight started. If the receiving team has not yet taken a turn this half the referee lets the clock run on during the fight and both teams’ turn markers are moved forward one space. Otherwise roll a D6. On a 1-3, both teams’ turn markers are moved forward one space. On a 4-6, both team’s turn markers are moved back one space.

That's it .. the rest of LRB 5.0+ stays as is."

Ahora, es cuestión de decidir con qué reglamento jugamos.

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  1. Pero hay mas cosillas, como las segundas de los enanos a 50k o la nueva caracteristica de recepción heroica y manos seguras:

    Recepción heroica: Ademas de lo de siempre, +1 a atrapar pases dirigidos a la casilla de la miniatura

    Manos seguras: Ademas de lo de siempre, un pase solo se cae a los pies si se saca un 1 natural en el dado

  2. a ver, Mol,
    esto son los cambios del 5+ al 6.0
    los cambios que tú dices ya están en en 5+
    (os lo pasé en verano, creo recordar)

  3. Me pierdo...

    Voto por dejar las cosas como estaban ya que hemos empezado ya la liga.

  4. El Oyente se refiere a dejarlo en el LRB 5+

  5. ok, entonces, usamos todos el lrb5+?
    votos a favor?

  6. Mmmm... Yo ya he perdido 40k de tesorería por los cambios en las segundas del LRB6

    (con mucho retraso) los cambios que indiqué son los que están puesto en rojo del LRB6 que pasaste hace tiempo

  7. ese es el lrb5, y los cambios que dices, el lrb5+, no el lrb6

  8. Jodo, pues son los del manual que pusiste tu aqui bajo el titulo de "LRB 6"

    Me acabo de enterar que es el 5.0+ (fijate que se lian ellos solos hasta en los nombres. No lo podían llamar 5.5 o algo asi...)

  9. no, ese es el 6.
    el 5+ os lo pasé hace ya tiempo, y es donde vienen todos los cambios que comentas.

  10. Mol y Alex, voto por que lo resolvais a patadas en los cojones...

  11. A cabezazos en la pared XDDD

    La verdad es que me parece bien quedarnos con la 5+, que es la que lleva usando en todos los partidos que se han jugado, no?

  12. Bien Mol por fin nos hemos entendido...